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Big, Fat Cream Tea

Today was Sunny’s first full day with my Domos. Each day, one will be chosen as a special host to spend the day with him and make him feel at home. There is hot competition amongst the natives to be one of his daily guides!

Candy was the lucky chap today. They both came with me to choose a new lens for my camera at a special camera shop in Norfolk. On the way home we stopped off for a big, fat cream tea in Dedham. Candy and Sunny didn’t need much encouragement to get stuck into this plateful – there wasn’t any left for me!

Let's Get Busy!
Let’s Get Busy!
Sunny And Candy Get Stuck In
Sunny And Candy Get Stuck In
Groan! We Can't Move!
Groan! We Can’t Move!

Sunny Returns!

A couple of years ago, we hosted Sunny the Travelling Domo for a couple of weeks. My Domos had so much fun with him that they immediately put their names down to host another stay in Essex during his second circumnavigation of the globe. Sunny has been to many countries in the intervening period but today we are delighted to welcome him back!

He's Back! He's Back!
He’s Back! He’s Back! Set Him Free!
Yay! Sunny Wakes From His Journey
Sunny Wakes From His Journey
Sunny Has A Stretch
Sunny Has A Stretch

As you can see, the Domos who greeted Sunny on his return were very excited to hear all his news and read his journal. They are hatching plans to take him to some interesting places while he is here. Watch this space!