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Minions 52 – Trouble In The Workshop

Trouble In The Workshop
Phil and Stuart have been working on a secret project in their workshop. They have made a fearsome hybrid of a Domo and a Minion (which apparently is called a Dominion). But the thing has run amok and was last seen chasing them around the room in a homicidal rage. Ooops. I think Frankenstein’s Monster is a mere pussycat in comparison! Oh well, that will teach them to go meddling – but it does make a good shot for Topic 39 – Handmade.

Toybox 52 – Week #50

Domo Decorations
Domo Decorations

Who needs Christmas baubles to adorn the tree when there are so many shiny and sparkly Domos willing to hang around in the branches for the festive season? They only demand a constant stream of treats to keep them happy! Perfect for this week’s 52 Weeks Theme, It will soon be Christmas.