Minions 52 – Trouble In The Workshop

Trouble In The Workshop
Phil and Stuart have been working on a secret project in their workshop. They have made a fearsome hybrid of a Domo and a Minion (which apparently is called a Dominion). But the thing has run amok and was last seen chasing them around the room in a homicidal rage. Ooops. I think Frankenstein’s Monster is a mere pussycat in comparison! Oh well, that will teach them to go meddling – but it does make a good shot for Topic 39 – Handmade.

Minions 52 – Irish Treasure

Irish Treasure
After a busy few weeks at work, it is time for my holiday in Ireland. Kevin and Bob won the Minions’ ballot to come with me. We were searching out Irish Treasure – the oldest Geocache in Europe! It’s been hidden on a clifftop near Bray since June 2000. There are now more than a dozen types of geocache, but this is one of the first kind, perfect for Topic 46 – Tradition or Traditional.

Minions 52 – Election Minions

Election Minions
In the Minions’ world, news travels fast, especially when it involves details of mischief-making! After the stow-aways in my bag last week, I found another trio of them (Bob, Phil and Stuart) had managed to hitch a ride into work today. So I put them to good use, and told them to listen to all the noises coming from this talkback box. They were to tell me immediately if anyone was calling for our Engineering help. Sometimes it’s good to have minions! Anyway, they were happy to pose for a picture – for Topic 47 – Backlit.

Minions 52 – On The Telly!

On The Telly!
I arrived at work today to hear muttering and giggling coming from my bag. That sort of malarkey is usually Minion-related, and I wasn’t wrong. Before I could stop them, a couple of the Singing Minions had escaped and were off exploring the Election studio. I eventually caught them high on the gallery, having a sing. They insisted the acoustics were better up there. But they got told off by the Floor Manager and had to come down at once! Oh well, it’s a shot in the bag for Topic 18 – Work.