Minions 52 – Inventing The Wheel

Inventing The Wheel

You may think that it’s hard work reinventing the wheel. But what if you actually invented it the first time? How hard would that be?!

Not very, by the looks of things. Cro-Minion (a distant relative of Kevin, we reckon), proudly shows off his new mode of transport, a shiny red bicycle complete with two lovely wheels. Perfect for Topic 44 – Round.

Minions 52 – European Adventure

European Adventure
The boys heard I was going on on a little jaunt to France and Belgium for a couple of days now that I have just renewed my passport. I thought no more about it until I realised they had stowed away in my luggage! So here we have Kevin, Bob and Stuart at the low-key border between Belgium and France on the northern coast. An ideal shot for Topic 49 – Travel.