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I have a selection of talks available which I can give to Photographic clubs or other interested groups of people. Here is a quick list of the themes, detailing for what sort of audience they are suited. If you would like to hear me give any of these talks, please get in touch, or view my fees.

High Speed Flash & Liquid Splashes

High Speed Flash1-hour talk followed by series of practical demos. Suitable for photographic clubs or other technically-minded groups.

Project Infinity

Project Infinity2-hour talk for anyone who enjoys their photography – about A Project 365 Which Got Out Of Hand.

Creative Self-Portraits

Creative Self-Portraits2-hour talk about my Self-Portrait 365 project which I undertook in 2014. Suitable for camera clubs.

Adventures With Film

Adventures With Film2-hour talk about my Retro 365 project which I undertook in 2015, using vintage film cameras and mono film. Suitable for camera clubs. [Available from early 2016]

Creative Macro Photography

Creative Macro2-hour talk about macro photography techniques. Suitable for camera clubs and other groups interested in small-scale photography (eg. gardening clubs).

Hidden Japan

Hidden Japan2-hour talk showing images from my month-long visit to Japan in 2012. Suitable for photographic clubs or other groups who enjoy travel photography.

A Journey Through The Outer Hebrides

Hebridean Journey2-hour talk showing a combination of two trips to the Western Isles, from 2005 and 2010. Suitable for photographic clubs or other groups who enjoy landscape photography.

Making Better Pictures

Making Better Pictures1-hour talk for beginners or improvers who wish to get more out of their photography. Not technical, but explains the principles of good composition etc. Can be combined with the Getting Technical talk to form one two-hour session.

Getting Technical

Getting Technical1-hour talk for improvers who know a little about the basics of photography. More in-depth technical view of shutter speeds, apertures and ISO, as well as choice of lens. Can be combined with the Making Better Pictures talk to form one two-hour session.

A Geek’s Guide To NASA

Geek's Guide To NASAShort 15-minute  presentation about Kennedy Space Center, Florida. Suitable for any groups interested in photography, space or science.

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