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Stranger #14 – Bertrand

Stranger #14 - Bertrand

Meet Bertrand

My, Bertrand was a character! I met him the War And Peace show and was playing the part of a member of the US VMF-214 Marine Fighting Squadron (aka The Swashblucklers) from WWII. It turned out he was an architect from France who had served as a Staff Sergeant in the French Marines during his National Service, and subsequently spent 2½ years living in England before going back to France to work. His English was impeccable. He got into re-enacting when he met a friend (who’s name I didn’t catch, but who was also at the event). They were really getting into their parts. It sounds like he’d lived a rather swashbuckling life himself – he explained that one of his most memorable events was when he rode a 1940’s Harley Davidson at the head of the 60th Anniversary re-enactment of the Liberation of Paris parade in 2004, a very proud moment for any Frenchman. Thanks, Bertrand, for your very enjoyable stories, you are quite the raconteur.