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Stranger #22 – Lucia

Stranger #22 - Lucia

Meet Lucia

It’s been ages since I last took any stranger photos – my previous was Patrick back in August. I’ve been thinking I needed to get back into the swing of things, so when I was out with friends today shooting some street photography, I vowed to progress the project again. The event we were at was celebrating the switching on of the Christmas Lights in Chelmsford town centre. There were various attractions and groups performing all afternoon. Lucia was with a team of Ceroc dancers who were strutting their stuff in the High Street. She came and sat on a bench next to me to catch her breath after a particularly vigorous dance. We got chatting. She’s been going to ceroc classes for about 4 years and was very enthusiastic and passionate about it. She says it’s a great way to socialise and meet new friends. She is also a big fan of purple, so we had something in common! Her daughter is a budding photographer too; Lucia says she has a very good eye for a picture, so I pointed her towards Flickr to share her work. Thanks Lucia for being so friendly and for sitting for me this afternoon.

Stranger #21 – Patrick

Stranger #21 - Patrick

Meet Patrick

Patrick was enjoying the sunshine with his wife Mary (Stranger #20) on the beach at West Mersea. He saw me taking photos of the pastel-coloured beach huts and made a comment about how nice they looked, and we got chatting. They are a retired couple who used to live in my town but have now moved to Maldon, a few miles away from Mersea. Patrick was telling me that the beach huts cost about £20,000! That’s a lot of money for a hut on the sand, and being Britain, it’s not every day which is as sunny as today was. We also talked a bit about the weather (those of us living in the UK seem obsessed with the subject!). I detected a slight Irish lilt to both Patrick and Mary’s accents, so I suspect they have not always lived in Essex. Thanks for letting me take your picture Patrick, and for passing the time of day on a pleasant afternoon.

Stranger #20 – Mary

Stranger #20 - Mary

Meet Mary

I took a walk along the beach at West Mersea this afternoon. It was very hot and sunny but there was a cool sea breeze blowing. I struck up a conversation with Mary and her husband Patrick (Stranger #21) who were sitting on deckchairs enjoying the sunshine. In case you’re wondering, this isn’t a nudist beach – Mary was wearing a rather nice off the shoulder purple sun dress! She enjoys reading her book on the sand and watching the world go by. They have a caravan behind the beach huts which they use during the summer to stay in the area. Thanks Mary for being one of my strangers – I think your glasses are very stylish and would not look out of place on the beach at St. Tropez!