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Stranger #8 – Neil

Stranger #8 - Neil

Meet Neil

Neil is Senior Reserves Manager for the Essex Wildlife Trust. We met at the Geocaching event at Langdon Plotlands. He is the person at EWT who has been promoting geocaching and is keen to get more caches set at other locations. He has been working for EWT for about 16 years. We talked a little about photography, and I explained about my ongoing Project 365 (which has got rather out of hand) and my 100 Strangers. He has recently bought at DSLR for his daughter and was interested in resources to help her learn more about photography. I cheekily pointed him towards my blog and tutorials! He readily agreed to be a stranger, but asked if he could have his picture taken in front of The Haven, a little museum which has been preserved on the Plotlands, and is a reminder of how people lived there in the 1930’s and 40’s (I took a look inside later on, it was very interesting). The light was a bit harsh, and Neil looks rather serious in this picture, but I think it was because he had the sun in his face at the time! Thanks for encouraging geocaching on EWT reserves and for chatting, it was great to talk.