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Stranger #21 – Patrick

Stranger #21 - Patrick

Meet Patrick

Patrick was enjoying the sunshine with his wife Mary (Stranger #20) on the beach at West Mersea. He saw me taking photos of the pastel-coloured beach huts and made a comment about how nice they looked, and we got chatting. They are a retired couple who used to live in my town but have now moved to Maldon, a few miles away from Mersea. Patrick was telling me that the beach huts cost about £20,000! That’s a lot of money for a hut on the sand, and being Britain, it’s not every day which is as sunny as today was. We also talked a bit about the weather (those of us living in the UK seem obsessed with the subject!). I detected a slight Irish lilt to both Patrick and Mary’s accents, so I suspect they have not always lived in Essex. Thanks for letting me take your picture Patrick, and for passing the time of day on a pleasant afternoon.