Stranger #26 – Liz

Stranger #26 - Liz

Meet Liz

This evening I went to an event associated with Culture Code, where developers who can build things were encouraged to mix with folks from local museums and the cultural sector to find out what sort of data and information is available to be used. I didn’t speak to Liz until quite late in the evening, but she stood out because she was holding a stuffed pigeon. She is from the Woodhorn Museum & Northumberland Archives. Amongst their collection is a lot of pigeon-racing memorabilia, including that of Iron Man, a remarkable pigeon who won the Pigeon Olympics. The bird certainly provided a talking point! Unfortunately, the lighting was either very dim or very harsh, so I wasn’t able to get as good a picture as I would have liked, but I wanted to include Liz (and Iron Man) in my Strangers gallery as they had such an interesting story.