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Day #263

Day #263Title: Lightning Strikes?
Location: Crays Hill, Essex
Camera: Kodak Bantam Special Art Deco / Kodak Anastigmat Ektar 45mm f/2
Film: Kodak Verichrome Pan 125 (expired 06/75)
Notes: The shapes of this gnarly old tree caught my eye as I was out for a walk near Crays Hill. The fogging at the bottom is from a little accident I had with the roll film while I was taking it out of the camera – it wasn’t wound up tightly and it got some light leaks. Ooops.
Today’s Digital Shot: Day #2820

Day #247

Day #247Title: Crumbling Barn
Location: Little Bromley, Essex
Camera: Univex Mercury II (CX) / Universal Tricor 35mm f/2.7
Film: Kodak Tri-X 400 (expired)
Notes: I was out exploring north east of Colchester this afternoon when I spotted this crumbling old barn structure near the church at Little Bromley. I’m not sure it keeps the rain out much these days!
Today’s Digital Shot: Day #2802

Day #234

Day #234Title: The Twisted Tree
Location: Chipping Ongar, Essex
Camera: Bencini Comet III
Film: Kodak Verichrome Pan 125 – Expired 07/69
Notes: I’ve been experimenting with some very old expired film in my Bencini Comet – it’s essentially just a point-and-shoot box with a fixed shutter speed, aperture and focus. I acquired the film from eBay a while back – it’s nearly as old as me! This fantastic old tree proved a great subject while walking the Essex Way near Chipping Ongar. I loved the textured effect which the tired film produced.
Today’s Digital Shot: Day #2789

Day #213

Day #213Title: The Gnarled Tree
Location: Barleylands, Billericay, Essex
Camera: Zeiss Ikon Contessa 35 / Tessar 45mm f/2.8
Film: Ilford Delta 100 (expired 06/12)
Notes: Today was the big day! The actual UK Mega Essex 2015 event was held at Barleylands in Billericay. After the day’s activities, Alistair and I were able to take a walk around a new circuit of caches which had been put out around the Barleylands estate, where I found this rather nice tree. Then it was back to the campsite to cook our burgers over the campfire.
Today’s Digital Shot: Day #2768

Day #154

Day #154Title: Peel Back The Carpet
Location: New Bridge Street West, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Camera: Franke & Heidecke Rolleiflex T1 / Tessar 75mm f/3.5
Film: Ilford FP4 125
Notes: I drove up to Newcastle today to stay with Alistair for a few days. We went to Maker Space this evening and the light was great for a quick wander around nearby. This is part of the Blue Carpet installation outside the Laing Art Gallery.
Today’s Digital Shot: Day #2711