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Day #287

Day #287Title: Shadows At The Gates
Location: Shoeburyness, Essex
Camera: Ilford Advocate / Dallmeyer Anastigmat 35mm f/3.5
Film: Agfa APX 100
Notes: The sun came out for a bit today, while I was running errands in Shoeburyness. These gates made striking shadows on the pavement. Perfect for Treasure Hunt Theme #10 – Monthly Project – October.
Today’s Digital Shot: Day #2844

Day #193

Day #193Title: Diamond Path
Location: Chelmsford, Essex
Camera: Voigtländer Vito Automatic / Lanthar 50mm f/2.8
Film: Agfa APX100
Notes: On my way home from my photo club BBQ this evening, I stopped off briefly in Chelmsford town centre for a quick photo walkabout. The shadows on New London Road bridge were looking rather good – perfect for Treasure Hunt Theme #07 – Monthly Project – July (my topic is fences and shadows).
Today’s Digital Shot: Day #2748

Day #141

Day #141Title: Crossed Gates
Location: Windsor Great Park, Berkshire
Camera: Franke & Heidecke Rolleiflex T1 / Tessar 75mm f/3.5
Film: Ilford FP4 125
Notes: I travelled to Bracknell today to give my Hidden Japan talk to the Camera Club there. But during the afternoon, I met up with one of their members (and 365 friend) Caroline for a lovely stroll in Windsor Great Park. This is a great find for Treasure Hunt #05 – Monthly Project – May.
Today’s Digital Shot: Day #2698

Day #101

Day #101Title: Sussex Rustic Fence
Location: Burgess Hill, Sussex
Camera: Yashica 44LM / Yashinon 60mm f/3.5
Film: Rerapan 100
Notes: These wobbly rustic fences seem to be a real feature around Sussex. Even in an industrial estate, where I found myself today during a walk at lunchtime, taking a break from judging the Sussex Phorographic Federation’s Annual Print Competition. Also a shot for the Treasure Hunt Theme #04 – Monthly Project April (fences and shadows).
Today’s Digital Shot: Day #2658

Day #14

Day #14Title: On Guard
Location: South Hanningfield, Essex
Camera: Zeiss Ikon Contessa 35 / Tessar 45mm f/2.8
Film: Agfa APX400
Notes: I nipped to South Hanningfiled to find another geocache, this time near the church. The sun was giving me some great shadows to play with in the churchyard. My first shot for my monthly project theme, Fences & Shadows: Treasure Hunt Theme #01 – Monthly Project – January.
Today’s Digital Shot: Day #2571