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Day #259

Day #259Title: Fresh Brewed Coffee
Location: Hullbridge, Essex
Camera: Voigtländer Vito B / Color-Skopar 50mm f/2.8
Film: Afga APX100
Notes: Originally I had planned a day out before going to a geocaching event this evening in Hullbridge. But it had thumped with rain all day so I just opted for the evening outing. The inside of the pub was quite quaint, with beams and old signs.
Today’s Digital Shot: Day #2816

Day #153

Day #153Title: Glow After Dark
Location: Ingatestone, Essex
Camera: Ihagee Exakta Varex IIb / Jena 58mm f/2
Film: Agfa APX100
Notes: This evening I gave my splashes talk and demo at Upminster Camera Club, which went down very well. On the way home I remembered I hadn’t made a film shot for the day, so I stopped off in Ingatestone for a quick walk. The lamp was an obvious choice since I only had ISO100 film in the camera.
Today’s Digital Shot: Day #2710

Day #49

Day #49Title: The Pool Of Light
Location: The Five Swans, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
Camera: Zeiss Ikon Contessa 35 / Tessar 45mm f/2.8
Film: Ilford HP5+ 400
Notes: Despite plenty of sunshine on the drive up to Newcastle today, I didn’t have time to stop for pictures. So I had to resort to a shot in the pub this evening, while socialising with the folks from Maker Space.
Today’s Digital Shot: Day #2606