The Film

I’ve not had much requirement to procure film for a decade. What is available now has changed quite a bit in that time. For my Retro 365 project, I intend to exclusively use black and white film, in various formats. Some of the more obscure stuff is still available from Retro Photo Supplies. Here’s a list of what I plan to use, and where you might find it:

Selection of mono film
Selection of mono film


Usable in the Contessa, Vito B, Vito Automatic and Zorki-6 etc.

127 Roll Film

Usable in the 44LM and Brownie 127 etc.

  • Rerapan100

120 Roll Film

Usable in the Rolleiflex T1 and Signal Nettar II etc.

828 Roll Film

Usable in the Kodak Bantam Special.

  • Kodak Tri-X (respooled) 400


Some of these are quite hard to get processed too. For 120 and 35mm there are quite a few options (such as but the 127 films can be processed at I have just discovered that local developing service offered by John Salim Photographic will develop 828 for me.

365 Photos from Film in 2015