Yashica – 44LM

Yashica - 44LM
Yashica – 44LM

Manufacturer: Yashica, Japan
Model: 44LM
Format: 127 4x4cm Twin Lens Reflex
Made: July 1962
Lens: Yashinon 60mm f/3.5
Shutter: Copal-SV 1s – 1/500
User Manual: PDF download

The Yashica 44 series was basically a copy of the Baby Rollei TLR from the late 1950’s, which both utilised the smaller 127 format film for 12 exposures of 4x4cm. The LM model added a semi-coupled Selenium light meter to aid exposure and was in production from 1958-1962.

There is no interlock between the manual film wind and shutter – so it is very easy to double expose frames by accident if you forget to wind on after making an image. I’ve ruined several like that already! See my photos made with the 44LM.


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