Yashica – 44 Black

Yashica - 44 Black
Yashica – 44 Black

Manufacturer: Yashica, Japan
Model: 44 Black
Format: 127 4x4cm Twin Lens Reflex
Made: 1959
Lens: Yashikor 60mm f/3.5
Shutter: Copal SV 1s – 1/500 & B
User Manual: PDF download

This is the more up-market version of the 44A with a crank wind and film interlock. It was developed for as a direct response to the popularity of the Rolleiflex Baby Grey and was made in several different colours – this is one of the slightly later Black versions. I also have one of the earlier ones in Silver Grey.

It’s a lovely little camera to use. See my photos made with the 44 Black.

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