WZFO – Alfa 2

WZFO - Alfa 2
WZFO – Alfa 2

Manufacturer: Warszawskie Zakłady FotoOptyczne (WZFO), Warsaw, Poland
Model: Alfa 2
Format: 35mm fixed lens
Made: 1964-1965
Lens: WZFO Emitar 45mm f4.5
Shutter: Leaf 1/30 – 1/125 & Bulb
User Manual: not available

The Alfa 2 is an unusual looking 35mm viewfinder camera made in Poland during the mid 1960’s. Its styling is rather striking, as is the vertical format (the film runs from top to bottom). Knobs and trim are made from cream Bakelite while the curved coloured body is made from cast metal. It came in several different colour options including burgundy, pale green, pale blue, brown and navy blue (mine is navy). I have yet to put a roll of film through it but eventually you will be able to see my photos made with the Alfa 2.

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