Riken – Ricoh Super 44

Riken - Ricoh Super 44
Riken – Ricoh Super 44

Manufacturer: Riken (Ricoh), Japan
Model: Ricoh Super 44
Format: 127 4x4cm Twin Lens Reflex
Made: 1958-1959
Lens: Riken Ricoh f/3.5 60mm
Shutter: Citizen MV 1s – 1/400 and B
User Manual: PDF download

Manufactured as a response to the Rolleiflex Baby Grey during the 4×4 TLR boom in the late 1950’s, the Ricoh Super 44 was only available for a brief time (Dec ’58 to Sept ’59). It’s a classic TLR design in the smaller 127 format and has a decent f/3.5 lens. The film wind is a simple knob advance with rear-window numbering. There is no shutter/wind interlock, so you can double-expose on a whim (or by accident!).

See my photos made with the Ricoh Super 44.

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