Purma Special

Purma - Special
Purma – Special

Manufacturer: Purma Cameras Ltd, England
Model: Purma Special
Format: 127 3x4cm Viewfinder Camera
Made: 1937-1959
Lens: Beck Anastigmat 57mm f/6.7
Shutter: Gravity controlled (!) curved focal-plane, 3 speeds, 1/25, 1/150, 1/450
User Manual: PDF download

This has to be one of the stranger 127-format cameras available. Its stylish Art Deco lines hail from the design philosophy of the 1920’s and 30’s. Made from Bakelite, its focal plane shutter speed is controlled by a teardrop-shaped weight on the top plate. Hold the camera in one of three orientations (it takes square images, so no worries about composition), and the weight works with, neutrally and against gravity to give fast, medium and slow shutter speeds. The lens is a fixed focus fixed aperture, so the three shutter speeds are all you have to worry about.

See my photos made with the Purma Special.

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