Meopta – Flexaret Automat VI

Meopta - Flexaret Automat VI
Meopta – Flexaret Automat VI

Manufacturer: Meopta, Czechoslovakia
Model: Flexaret Automat VI
Format: 120 6x6cm format Twin Lens Reflex with optional 35mm adaptor and viewfinder
Made: 1961-1967
Lens: Meopta Belar 80mm f/3.5
Shutter: Metax 1s – 1/400 & Bulb
User Manual: PDF download

This TLR was made in Czechoslovakia during the early to mid Sixties. Like most TLRs of the time, it has a standard 80mm lens and takes 120 rollfilm. Mine also came with a 35mm conversion kit and dedicated viewfinder. I have yet to run some of that through the camera, but the 120 worked reasonably well (I had a few unresolved problems with the shutter to begin with). Unusually for a TLR, it has a swinging bar below the taking lens which sets the focus, giving it quite a distinctive look. See my photos made with the Flexaret Automat VI.

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