KMZ – Zorki 6

KMZ Zorki 6
KMZ – Zorki 6

Manufacturer: Krasnogorski Mekhanicheskii Zavod (KMZ), Soviet Union
Model: Zorki 6 (Зоркий – 6)
Format: 35mm rangefinder
Made: 1960
Lens: Industar 50mm  f/3.5 (Индустар-50)
Shutter: Cloth focal plane, 1/30-1/500th, B and self timer.
User Manual: Zenit have translated the user manual into English

These were commonly supplied with a 50mm lens, although with the standard M39 Leica-compatible screw-fit it was able to have many different lenses attached. Earlier Zorki models were prone to being rather temperamental (see this article on how not to destroy your Zorki). But by the 6th incarnation, much of these teething troubles had been ironed out.

I’m intrigued to own a bit of Soviet camera history, from a period slap-bang in the middle of the Cold War. My own camera came from Ukraine, and its Cyrillic markings indicate it was meant for the domestic Russian market, so who knows what espionage or secret meetings it may have been used to photograph! Actually, it probably just took some annual holiday snaps…

Here’s the entry for the Zorki-6 on Camereapedia and Camera Wiki.

I haven’t used this to take any images yet.

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