Ilford – Advocate

Ilford - Advocate
Ilford – Advocate

Manufacturer: Ilford, England
Model: Advocate Series 2
Format: 35mm fixed lens
Made: 1956
Lens: Dallmeyer Anastigmat 35mm f5.5
Shutter: Rotary 1/25 – 1/200 & Bulb
User Manual: PDF download

The Advocate is nother really unusual looking camera. I saw some examples on eBay and had to wait quite a while before I found one which was in good condition and within my budget. It was made for Ilford by Kennedy Instruments Ltd (a wholly-owned subsidiary) from 1949 until 1957 and as such, was the first British-made 35mm camera. Mine is a Series 2 example (first launched in December 1952) with the slightly faster f/3.5 lens and flash sync sockets. It’s a stylish camera, made from die-cast aluminium alloy and stove enamelled in a subtle cream colour. See my photos made with the Advocate.

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