Haking – Halina Prefect

Haking - Halina Prefect
Haking – Halina Prefect

Manufacturer: Haking, Hong Kong
Model: Halina Prefect (Rare Red-Brown)
Format: 120 6x6cm Pseudo-TLR Box Camera
Made: 1957 –
Lens: Haking’s Double Meniscus f/8
Shutter: Fixed speed 1/30 (approximately)
User Manual: not available

This may look like a TLR but it’s actually a fixed-focus box camera, with a very simple shutter (1/30s) and just three apertures to choose from – f/8, f/11 and f/16.

I have never seen a red-brown version before – black is very common and pale grey is also available, so when I spotted this on eBay a few weeks ago, I couldn’t resist. See the photos made with the Prefect.

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