Foth – Derby II

Foth - Derby II
Foth – Derby II

Manufacturer: Foth, Germany
Model: Derby II (Late)
Format: 127 3x4cm Viewfinder Camera
Made: 1931-1935
Lens: Foth Anastigmat 50mm f/3.5
Shutter: Cloth focal plane, 1/25 – 1/500 and B.
User Manual: PDF download

The Derby came in several variants, between 1931-1940. The manufacturers themselves seem to have only used Type I and II designations but there seem to have been about 5 different combinations of features in all. I think mine is actually a Type 3. It’s a great little camera to use, with foldaway lens board which also makes it very portable. Although it looks in very good condition, I had a surprise when I got the first test film back – it has a few “issues” – leaky bellows, thinning shutter curtain and the most bizarre refraction effects. But you know what? I love it!

See my photos made with the Derby II.

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