Bencini – Comet III

Bencini - Comet III
Bencini – Comet III

Manufacturer: Bencini, Italy
Model: Comet III
Format: 127 3x4cm Viewfinder Camera
Made: 1953-1969
Lens: Bencini 65mm f/11
Shutter: Fixed 1/50 & B
User Manual: PDF download (in Italian)

The Comet III is a curious looking camera, with an unusual upright disposition. It takes 3x4cm negatives on 127 rollfilm. Constructed from aluminium, it’s a fairly simple box camera in reality, using a fixed shutter speed of 1/50s (and B) with an aperture of f/11. I will be interested to see how it handles!

See my photos made with the Comet III.

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