Argus – C3

Argus - C3
Argus – C3

Manufacturer: Argus, USA
Model: C3 “The Brick”
Format: 35mm Coupled Rangefinder
Made: 1956
Lens: Argus Coated Cintar 50mm f/3.5
Shutter: Leaf shutter 1/10 – 1/300 & Bulb
User Manual: PDF download

The C3 was made from 1939-1966 by Argus Cameras, Inc. in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. In that time, they made over 2 million units, which means it was one of the most popular cameras of all time. Mine is a late 1956 example. It weighs a shade under 780g and is just about the most un-ergonomic camera I’ve ever used! No wonder is was affectionately known as The Brick. But its unusual shape certainly appealed to me as something different to what we see now (or even in contemporary cameras). See my photos made with the C3.

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