Agilux – Agiflex II

Agilux - Agiflex II
Agilux – Agiflex II

Manufacturer: Agilux, Croydon, England
Model: Agiflex II
Format: 120 6x6cm format Single Lens Reflex with waist-level finder
Made: 1949-1950
Lens: Anastigmat 80mm f/3.5 and Agilux 160mm f/5.5
Shutter: Focal Plane 2s – 1/500 & Bulb
User Manual: PDF download

The British-made Agiflex II, a direct descendent of the German Reflex-Korell single lens reflex, was produced by Agilux in Croydon from around 1949. They have interchangeable lenses – mine came with the standard 80mm f/3.5 and a 160mm f/5.5 telephoto. It has a waist-level finder which is quite dim and difficult to see the image, particularly in bright sunlight. And it’s a heavy beast! But it produced some good results. See my photos made with the Agiflex II.

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