Agfa – Jsolette V

Agfa - Jsolette V
Agfa – Jsolette V

Manufacturer: Afga Kamerawerk AG, Munich, Germany
Model: Jsolette V
Format: 120 rollfilm Viewfinder folding camera
Made: 1950 – 1952
Lens: Agfa Agnar 85mm f/4.5
Shutter: Vario 1/25s – 1/200 & Bulb
User Manual: PDF download

This Jsolette (also, Isolette) was an entry-level 120 rollfilm folding camera made for a couple of years in the early 1950’s. It has three shutter speeds and an adequate f/4.5 lens, unusual in this format for being an 85mm (75mm is more common for 120). I was given the camera with some out of date rolls of 120 film by a friend from a local camera club. It seems straightforward enough to use, but I have yet to process the film to see the actual results.

See my photos made with the Jsolette V.

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