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Piers Of The Realm

I’ve been thinking of ideas for a new photography project for a while now, something which would give me a definite goal to work towards while still taking me to interesting places where I’ve never been before. Inspired by photographic friend Mandy Charlton‘s project to photograph all 69 of Britain’s Cities, I’ve decided to document the UK’s seaside piers – hence I’m launching this new section of my website featuring Piers Of The Realm.

The National Piers Society has a list of all the surviving piers around the coast and those which have already been lost. There are 58 still standing, but I’m also counting Brighton West which is just about hanging on.

Brighton West Pier
Brighton West Pier

Several other piers are in serious danger of falling apart, while others are being lovingly restored and gaining a new lease of life. Each will have its own character and attractions, which I hope to capture through my images. I have already been to some of the piers on the A-Z list such as Southwold, Walton, Clacton, Southend and the three in Blackpool while visiting their respective towns in the past. But I intend to revisit each of these piers again to fulfill the project fully. I will be posting regular updates as I visit each pier or plan a trip to more seaside towns.