Ongoing Topics

I write regularly about the following topics and thought it would be an idea to give you an easy way to find them amongst the other articles.

Equipment Reviews

Equipment ReviewsWhen I start using new equipment, I’m happy to write a review about my initial thoughts and later, how the gear stands the test of time.

High Speed Flash & Liquid Splashes

Liquid Splashes Exploring a highly technical genre that requires much trial and error to hone the techniques. Here are some ongoing experiments I have made and the articles I’ve written about my progress.

Light Painting

Light Painting Light Painting is fun to do, indoors our out. It’s another branch of photography which is more difficult than it looks to get good results. Here are some articles on my ongoing progress with the subject.

Travel Journals

Travel Journals I love to visit new places (and revisit familiar locations). This is a selection of articles written about my travels in the UK and abroad.

General Photographic Chat