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Dallying In Wells

Although not strictly part of my “Coast & Cornwall” trip, I took the opportunity to stop off in picturesque Wells, in Somerset, on my way back home, via a stop in Wiltshire to visit friends. I’d seen the Cathedral on a previous trip, but I had never visited the Bishop’s Palace Gardens, which are well worth a visit:

[The Bishop’s Prison is in the garden, tucked away in a shady corner]

You can wander around the grounds, ruins and building which still stand, including the peaceful Chapel:

[The quiet Chapel in the Bishop’s Palace]

There is also a restaurant serving lunches and teas, but on this occasion, their patio was unoccupied:

[Even the chairs on the patio have a churchey theme!]

There are also plenty of flowers to attract the attention, here’s one I can’t identify, but I loved the deep pink colours:

[Cerise pink flowers on a green background]

See a few more photos taken today.