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A Thematic Look At Project Infinity

I reached Day #2000  of what I’ve now dubbed “Project Infinity” on 22nd June 2013. Since then, I have been working hard to put together a set of exhibition panels showing the first 2000 days of my journey. A new website gallery is the product, and shows the thematic mosaics.

Here is the hanging plan for the panels:

Hanging Plan
Hanging Plan

The 20 themes are as follows:

April Review

The beginning of the month saw me continue my exploration of colour, finishing off the rainbow and moving on to pink, brown, black, grey and white. I also saw some great rugby, and revisited a couple of places I hand’t been for ages, looking for pictures.

I’ll kick off with some “near misses” that almost made it as shot of the day during April:

Chemistry Student

[Chemistry Student – having fun with a stencil and a desk lamp on Day #92]

[Button Reflection – a stray button reflected in some shiny blue card nearly made it on Day #93]

[Pearl Bokeh – taking a close look at a bracelet on Day #94]

[Meniscus – a few bubbles in a bottle of pop on Day #95]

[The Eye – a knotty bit of wood from Day #96]

[Ancient Weapon – a replica flint tool taken on Day #98]

[Mesh Bokeh – more fun with stationery and my desk lamp from Day #99]

[Cup Cake Cases – finished off my colour exploration on Day #101]

How has the month gone?

At times, I found it a little hard to keep up the momentum, especially with having exhausted so many ideas on the exploring colour themes. So by the end of the month, I did feel as if some of my pictures were just acting as fillers – Days #112, #113, #114 and #121 in particular! But I did have a few interesting days out. This image from a trip to Suffolk was quite pleasing:

[Drama & Clouds – a classic view with a classic sky at Snape Maltings on Day #103]

Saracens had a fantastic trip to the Heineken Cup Semifinals agains Munster in Coventry on Day #118. Unfortunately, they didn’t win and go through to the finals, but it was the last game I saw “HRH” Richard Hill play, the end of an amazing career at the top of rugby union. The picture I chose for the day showed plenty of action, but this one [left] shows all the emotion at the end of the game when fellow Saracen Mosese Rauluni comforts Hill as he walks round the pitch for final accolades from Sarries and Munster fans alike. Truely the End Of An Era. You’ll be sadly missed, Hilly!

Exploring Colour

As you know, for the end of March and beginning of April, I have been setting myself some daily tasks of photographing various single-coloured objects as part of my Project 366 work. It’s a little difficult to see the body of work together, so I have made this montage from the flickr thumbnails of each image:

[Rainbow Montage of all the Exploring colour shots I’ve uploaded to Flickr]

It makes quite an interesting set, don’t you think?