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Project 365/2013 – A Year In Review

So another year has drawn to a conclusion. Here’s my review of my 2013 Year In Pictures.

A Few Statistics

For those of you that like numbers, here are some stats:

Pictures made at home: 74/365 = 20.4%
Pictures made within 5 miles of home: 95/365 = 26.0%
Pictures made further away: 196/365 = 53.6%

Pictures made with Canon G12 Compact: 79/365 = 21.6% (to end of August)
Pictures made with Panasonic GF1 Compact: 19/365 = 5.2% (to end of August)
Pictures made with DSLR (Canon EOS 7D): 148/365 = 40.4% (to end of November)
Pictures made with Panasonic GF5 Compact: 37/365 = 10.1% (from start of September)
Pictures made with Canon EOS 5D Mk III: 65/365 = 17.8% (from of September)
Pictures made with Canon EOS 100D: 17/365 = 4.6% (from of December)

Compared to last year, I made 14 pictures further from home in 2013. As far as cameras are concerned, there was a bit of change with me using six different models throughout the year – but I only owned a maximum of three at any one time! I’ll probably sell on the GF5 next year and rationalise things down to just the two Canon DSLRs – 5D for specific photo outings and the 100D for everyday.

Here are my favourite and least favourite shots from each month:

Month Fave Least Fave
January Day #1848 – Suspended Animation Day #1834 – On The Boil
February Day #1873 – Seaside Colours Day #1864 – I’m A Mug **
March Day #1903 – Double Bubble Day #1887 – How Long Is Your Shadow?
April Day #1927 – Long Way Down Day #1929 – April Showers On Lambeth Bridge
May Day #1948 – Helios Brings The Sun * Day #1958 – New Threads
June Day #1986 – The Exchange Day #1990 – Refreshing Bubbles
July Day #2015 – Folds & Shadows Day #2018 – On The Carpet
August Day #2062 – Open The Window Day #2042 – Fizzy Pop
September Day #2097 – Mansion Detail Day #2089 – Team Work
October Day #2117 – Aim High Day #2102 – Comfort Food
November Day #2150 – Autumn Trunks Day #2157 – Shattered Perceptions
December Day #2184 – A Bowful Of Bokeh Day #2177 – The Barn
Day #1948 - Helios Brings The Sun
Pic of the Year: Day #1948 – Helios Brings The Sun
Day #1864 - I'm A Mug
Dud of the Year: Day #1864 – I’m A Mug

Final Thoughts

I’m very pleased with 2013’s images. Once again I feel I’ve had a very good year.

I passed the huge milestone that was Day #2000 in June and submitted a portfolio for the RPS Fellowship based on the first 2000 Days of the project in September. Sadly, it wasn’t successful but I still have 20 montage images which will be great to exhibit and get people talking about the Photo A Day discipline.

Although I didn’t have a big foreign holiday this year, I’ve visited some fantastic places which have given me great photographic opportunities, none more so than to be able to indulge in some Urbex during the last days of BBC Television Centre.

Of course, I’m not stopping during 2014. It’s just as addictive as always ;-)

I’ve also decided to challenge myself into making a Self-Portrait every day in 2014 – now I really MUST BE MAD!

December ’13 – Review

December was relatively quiet for pictures, compared to November. The first outing was to the Christmas Fair in Billericay with friends on a photowalk.

Colourful Baubles
Colourful Baubles

A few days later I went for a Tropical Flutter in South Woodham Ferrers to find some butterflies to photograph:

Heliconius Species
Heliconius Species

I managed to finish off my [email protected] 2013 project this month with three final pictures, #48 in London, #49 in Chelmsford and #50 in Broadstairs. The last one was found during my stay for Christmas By The Sea in Kent:

Chalk Pebbles Foreground
Chalk Pebbles Foreground

The final outing of the year was a spot of Caching In Colchester with Alistair. This abstract at First Sight arts centre nearly made it for picture of the day:

At Odds
At Odds

I was also pleased to have completed my Photo A Day Treasure Hunt 2013 with the last image on Day #2181.

Please join me in 2014 for more photo chat!

October ’13 – Review

I haven’t been on many dedicated photo outings this month, but have managed to keep up with various projects including another three Face Down Tuesday shots – Down With The Ducks EditionStalking The Wildlife Edition and Falling Off A Log Edition.

This time of year is always great for Finding Fungi and I’ve had several very successful forays to local woods in search of various specimens. This little group caught my eye in Swan Wood on 19th and nearly made it for Day #2119.

13 Little Soliders
13 Little Soliders

I’ve also made several new [email protected] images while out on my travels, #38 at Sandford Mill, #39 one evening in London, #40 and #43 on Galleywood Common, #41 on my way to work and #42 on an evening walk in Hoxton.

I’m always a sucker for some Glorious Graffiti with another visit to the Chelmsford Wall as well as finding some great pieces in Shoreditch on my way to work.

Arrow End - Wharf Road
Arrow End – Wharf Road

I was attracted by The Bright Lights Of London Town too – now it’s getting darker just as I leave work, it gave me the opportunity to make some attractive dusk shots during the Blue Hour.

Pink Puddle Abstract
Pink Puddle Abstract

I also went on another evening street photography walk in Hoxton with my nocturnal friend from GNPC. It’s always good to see a bit of night life!

Cargo Lights
Cargo Lights

Finally, this month saw the RPS adjudicate on my Fellowship application. Sadly it was a no, but it has given me the opportunity to prepare my 2000 Days of the Seeing Eye project, which I hope to have an exhibition with in the future. Watch this space!

A Thematic Look At Project Infinity

I reached Day #2000  of what I’ve now dubbed “Project Infinity” on 22nd June 2013. Since then, I have been working hard to put together a set of exhibition panels showing the first 2000 days of my journey. A new website gallery is the product, and shows the thematic mosaics.

Here is the hanging plan for the panels:

Hanging Plan
Hanging Plan

The 20 themes are as follows:

D2K Has Arrived!

Wow, who would have thought that, when I began my “Project 365” on 1st January 2008, I would still be going 2000 days later? Yes, today I reached Day #2000 of consecutive picture-making. I won’t deny it’s been a struggle sometimes, but I think it’s definitely been worth the effort!

Here’s a mosaic from the last 100 days (Day #1901 – Day #2000):

Days 1901-2000
Days 1901-2000

And here’s a taste of the preceding 1900 days too: