Dutch Success

This year, I have vowed to enter more National and International Salons of photography. I have done so in the past (with moderate success) but had let it lapse over the last couple of years. My first entry was to the Holland International Image Circuit which consists of the following five salons:

  1. 14th Tribute To Colour 2012 run by Fotoclub Heerhugowaard
  2. 8th Image Salon Delft 2012 run by Fotoclub’59 Delft
  3. 8th International Image Salon Oldenzaal 2012 run by Fotoclub Oldenzaal
  4. 8th Image Contest Wageningen 2012 run by Camera Club Wageningen
  5. 6th Rainbow Challenge Rijen 2012 run by Foto Amateurs Rijen

The salons all have FIAP, PSA and RPS patronage, so the standard is extremely high. I entered four images in each of three classes (Colour, Monochrome and Travel) in each salon.  While I was away, I was delighted to receive an email notifying me of my success. I had acceptances in all except the Oldenzaal Salon, with a combination of the following:

Fàilte gu Port Rìgh
Fàilte gu Port Rìgh, accepted in the Delft Salon (Travel section)
 Quayside Dusk, Newcastle
Quayside Dusk, Newcastle, accepted in Delft, Wageningen and Rijen Salons (Travel section)
North Pier Silhouette
North Pier Silhouette, accepted in the Delft and Rijen Salons (Travel section)
The Path Of Life
The Path Of Life, accepted in the Wageningen Salon (Colour section)
Dead Wood
Dead Wood, accepted in the Wageningen Salon (Mono section)
Out Of Place
Out Of Place, accepted in the Tribute To Colour and Delft Salons (Mono section)
With A Dash Of Milk
With A Dash Of Milk, accepted in the Wageningen Salon (Mono section)

Not bad for my first international salon entry in about 10 years! Although I didn’t win any awards, seven acceptances still feels like a great achievement.

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