Limit Yourself: Lighting

Another day with the props out, this time with the intention of experimenting with lighting.

You don’t need expensive lighting to achieve dramatic effects, particularly if you are doing small tabletop work. I was using just a single halogen desk lamp, angled to different positions for the following shots. It just shows what you can do with a bit of movement of the light source – and helps if you have an appealing shape formed by the shadows.

[Short shadow from left – the light is quite high up and close to the object]

[Short Shadow Angled – a similar setup with the chair at 45° to the light source]

[Longer Shadow from left – turning the chair again but moving the light further down produces a longer shadow]

[Low Light bottom left – this gave much more emphasis on the edge of the seat and the complete shadow is out of frame]

[Long shadow from right and left]

This time the light was much more oblique from the bottom right and left, throwing a long shadow onto the background.

In the end, I liked this pink and green version for Day #743.

Why not limit yourself to a single light and see how creative you can be with it?

2 thoughts on “Limit Yourself: Lighting”

  1. Thanks Caz, this is exactly what I’m struggling with at the moment. I’ve a small studio set-up in the garage and once I fill it with model(s) lighting always seems complicated. Simple structures aren’t too bad (Lego men in a table top studio) but people are more difficult.

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