Limit Yourself: Depth Of Field

I’ve been exploring another pair of colours today, orange and green, for my Dichromatic series. Like yesterday, I took some simple elements and once set up on the tabletop, played about with various compositions. This time, I was also experimenting with depth of field and how it affected the images.

[Crayons all sharp – and again, a rather conservative composition]

[On the Diagonal – a bit better, but not really saying much]

[Sharp at the Back – DoF is limited here]

I was beginning to get the feel of a shallower depth ofield. But focus is then really important. For me, I don’t really like things out of focus at the front of the frame, so I wasn’t happy with this one. Shifting the focus forward:

[Sharp at the Front – still limited DoF]

That was better, but I still wasn’t entirely convinced. Some more moving around the subject brought the one I was happy with for Day #742.

Why not try and limit the depth of field in your pictures and experiment to see how this affects them?

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