December '09 Review

I’ve already written up the photographic opportunities afforded by the December Freeze, but I also had a few other outings during the month.

Firstly, I went with the Great Notley Photography Club on their outing to Ely on 6th December, Day #706. The weather was terrible at home first thing, but I made the effort to get out anyway – and the four of us who did turn up were rewarded with some lovely winter light around the town and along the banks of the Great Ouse [right].

[Life, Jim – a lifebelt cover by the river, covered in lichen]

The thing for which Ely is most famous is the Cathedral, known as the Ship Of The Fens. Never having visited the city before, I was a little unprepared for the size of the building – which can be seen for miles around as you approach.

After a lovely walk by the river and a very pleasant lunch in a pub overlooking the water, our group returned to the Cathedral to take some more interior shots. High Altar View [left] was my favourite of the shots I took inside.

You can see all the images I took in Ely on Flickr.

Talking of Flickr, after missing the last couple due to other commitments, I have enjoyed two photowalks with the Chelmsford Flickr crowd. Three of us went out in the snow on 20th December and had a long hike through Central Park and along the canal to Barnes Mill Lock, then across Baddow Meads. We did punctuate it with a warming half hour in a local coffee shop at lunchtime!

[Icicle Fans Rodney and Bev taking shots of the icicles under the bridge on Baddow Meads]

See the rest of the walk’s pictures on Flickr.

We all needed another constitutional on 28th December to blow off the cobwebs and walk off some of the excesses of Christmas. This time, four of us went on a walk around Little Waltham Nature Reserve. I’ve visited before, exactly a year ago (Day #363) when I went on a geocaching trip with Alistair.

This time, although the walk and banter was fun, I didn’t feel ultra-inspired by the surroundings – much of which were very muddy. But I did like this image below, which was a strong contender for Day #728:

[Barbed Intent – a little detail found in Little Waltham Nature Reserve]

You can see the others I took on Flickr.

Well, that’s it for 2009! You can expect a full roundup of the year very soon. Keep watching…

December Freeze

I love a bit of snow and frost. Not so keen on ice when you need to get out and about, but it can be beautiful in its own way.

First, there was a severe frost on 15th December, and I had some time to walk in the Noak Hill Nature Reserve near Basildon. Here are some images which didn’t quite make it for Day #715:

[Frosted Twist – I loved the strand of creeper winding around this thorny branch]

[Frosted Rose Hip – this was in a shady corner and did not see any sun all day]

[Oak On A Bench – another lovely leaf]

Then I was pretty happy when we had a 5″ snowfall at home on 18th December. The first thing I did was run around Galleywood Common and take a load of shots, then hop in the car and tentativey drive to Ulting to visit the lovely little church by the canal there.

Over the next few days I also explored the local parks and other places. Here is a selection of some of the images which didn’t make the cut for Day #718, #719 and #720:

[A Light Flurry on Galleywood Common]

[Divine Light, Ulting Church – a magical location at any time of the year]

[Tracking in Chelmer Park]

[Dingle Dangle – more ice on the railings in Chelmer Park]

[A Go On The Swings – Central Park, Chelmsford]

[Icy Teasel – some delicate snow on the banks of the canal]

I know it can be an inconvenience, but I’m looking forward to the next lot of snow soon – it’s great for pictures with a difference and if you are wrapped up warm, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get some cracking images and have fun.

November ’09 Review

Looking back over November, I only had one really big photographic day out. That was to take some images for a client in Thorndon Country Park, a lady who walks dogs. I had to try and keep ahead of 4 lively hounds, run up and down hills and still get some decent pictures! All a bit of a challenge, but I also had a bit of time before the dogs arrrived to have a wander around the park and take some Autumnal shots of the foliage.

Copper & Grey was one such image [above] which very nearly made it on Day #674.

For most of the rest of the month, I only posted one image per day. And although this wasn’t much better than September, I somehow felt happier with the overall standard during November.