October ’09 Review

As the year ticked by from September into October, my mood improved and with it, my photography. Whether we like it or not, our creativity seems to be influenced hugely by the things we are experiencing at the time. This is why Project 366/365 is such an interesting journey. For me, it’s a very visual way of looking back over the ups and downs of the last couple of years.

I also continued with my [email protected] project, meeting up with friends and spending time with them – some of whom I’d not seen for nearly 3 years. It’s far too easy to let time slip by sometimes.

One weekend, I spent a most enjoyable day with photographer friend Paulo on a photowalk in London. We started off in the City, walked to the river and took a boat trip down the Thames. There was some wonderful light, and this Shadow Play Pavement [left] nearly pipped it for Day #643.

A few days later, it was the turn of photographic friend Antonia to visit for some photography, and we spent a lovely afternoon pottering around the ancient log Church at Greensted. There were many colourful image to be had, and Reflected Colour [right] was very nearly my favourite for Day #649.

Mid-month, I spent a great weekend in Blackpool for a break and BarCamp Blackpool. Lots of fun, and the sun shone too (at least, for some of the time). When it was fine, we got some great Autumn light with long shadows and impressive sunsets. After Sundown nearly made it for Day #655, if I hadn’t been seduced by the lure of the Illuminations!

There was more BarCamp mayhem a week later in London, with geeks turning up from all over Europe to join in the fun. Poor old Alistair seemed to be plagued by Ducks all weekend (so naturally that had to be the subject of Day #663‘s image). But I was also rather pleased with Duck Love [below]: