2008 – A Year In Pictures – The Book!

I am rather pleased that I have finally managed to self-publish my Project366 images as a book, thanks to the rather nice folks at Blurb.com. It is available to purchase directly from their website, and is a 76-page full colour hardback edition. Here is a sneak preview of some of the pages:

January 2008 Pages

[Above – January 2008 sample pages]

February 2008

[Above – February 2008 sample pages]

March 2008

[Above – March 2008 sample pages]

April 2008

[Above – April 2008 sample pages]

May 2008

[Above – May 2008 sample pages]

June 2008

[Above – June 2008 sample pages]

July 2008

[Above – July 2008 sample pages]

August 2008

[Above – August 2008 sample pages]

September 2008

[Above – September 2008 sample pages]

October 2008

[Above – October 2008 sample pages]

November 2008

[Above – November 2008 sample pages]

December 2008

[Above – December 2008 sample pages]

I would be interested in your feedback.

February '09 Review

February was a mad month for weather, and it started with a large fall of snow in my local area. It made for some great photos around Galleywood Common, and this one nearly made it for Day #399.

Snow on London Hill

Then it all started melting, and by Day #407 the floods were out:

In The Wake Of Teasels

I had an enjoyable trip up to Leeds at the end of the month, for PhotoCampLeeds, during which I gave a presentation on my Project366 which went down well. I also managed a bit of night photography the previous evening, which nearly made it for Day #424:

TGI Fridays

I might also have enjoyed a cocktail in Fridays afterwards 😉