December Review

Ice patterns December was another varied month for the weather, my travels and images. We had plenty of cold frosty mornings again. This shot [left] was the result of me trying to clear the frost off the car windscreen before setting out for a meeting on Day #338. Always leave yourself enough time to take the unexpected image!

The first weekend in December saw me head to Liverpool for the city’s first BarCamp. Like Sheffield the previous weekend, it’s a place I hadn’t visited for years and I regret having left it as long.

20 fools

During the Saturday afternoon, a group of us had a walk around the city centre to find some geocaches and have a bit of a photowalk. Here [right] are the others acting lairy with a big 20 we found on a side street.

We walked back to the venue along the banks of the Mersea, and were just in time for a wonderful sunset across the water, which I chose for Day #341‘s image. But the runner up was definitely this image of  the iconic Liver Building, bathed in warm evening light:

Liver Building [Liver Building in the fantastic evening light]

battlesbridge bellI was doing some Christmas shopping at the Battlesbridge Antiques centre on Day #354, which was beautifully sunny. The long shadow cast by the bell [left] almost made it for pic of the day.

Christmas itself was fairly mundane for pictures. The weather wasn’t great where I was, although Boxing Day was sunny but very cold. A few days after Christmas I went geocaching again with fellow addict Alistair. We had trips around Little Waltham, Maldon and Hylands Park. These last few are near misses from Day #363, #364 and #365:

Little Waltham Maldon [Left] Little Waltham [right] Heybridge Basin

Hylands Park [Above] Hylands Park

November Review

Another month has rolled by, and the weather was, rather predictably, autumnal. Plenty of leaves on the ground to photograph, and murky, damp coniditions. But the sun did poke its head from behind the clouds from time to time, as my November shots show.

After my experiments with light on Day #308, I visited a friend’s studio a few days later, as we wanted to try and make some images to use on cards for Christmas. The idea was to make some Christmas Trees, Holly and other festive shapes with the torch. And photograph a flaming pudding. But it was all a disaster! Nothing worked out terribly well, and this [right] was the only vaguely usable shot from the whole sorry shoot! Ah well, we had a laugh.

Day #317 was a wonderfully sunnay day, and I took the opportunity to nip out at lunchtime for a few pictures. The image on the left was a strong contender for image of the day. It’s a statue of notable Essex Cricketer Graham Gooch, which stands in the garden of some offices close by the County Ground in Chelmsford. I loved the silhouetted shape and was quite happy even though you can’t see any details of the statue at all.

Like many areas of the countryside which I have explored around Chelmsford, there are also lots of roads and alleyways in the town itself which I’ve passed regularly but never really stopped to look at. It’s one thing I love about the Photo A Day project, as it encourages you to explore your surroundings – any excuse for a different picture!

Anyway, back to the weather. It was pretty grim on Day #322, but even if it is, or has been, raining there are still pictures to be had. This flower [above] almost made it for pic of the day. I liked the droplets of water on the petals and leaves. But in the end, I decided to go for the more sombre mood of Boreham House.

I had more luck with the light on Day #330 whilst exploring Danbury Churchyard. The image which made it for pic of the day was more out of its sentiment (“Carpe Diem”) than being the best photo, but this one [below] showed some great raking shadows and texture on the surface of another grave:

The end of the month saw me return to the city of Sheffield, where I went to University, but hadn’t been back since 1995. I really don’t know why I’d left it so long, but having spent a wonderful weekend there, I’ll certainly be visiting again more quickly than the last time!

The city has seen much in the way of regeneration since I was there, most notably the fountains and concourse leading up from the Station, which always used to be a bit of a dump, to be honest. It was foggy for a lot of the weekend, but for an hour or so around Saturday lunchtime. I spent an enjoyable half hour pottering around and taking many images from the vacinity. I’ll leave you with three:

Watching The CascadeOverflow[left] Watching The Cascade and [right] Overflow Foggy Evening By The Cathedral [above] A Foggy Evening By The Cathedral