September Review

September was a busy month! The first weekend was spent down in Brighton, staying with friends and going to dConstruct08, then BarCamp Brighton3. A very enjoyable trip, despite the weather. My friend Bea cooked a lovely lunch when I arrived. That nearly made it on Day #248.

I’m always a sucker for a bit of red, so when I came across a lovely pillar box [right] one day whilst out walking, I was tempted to take its picture.

One Sunday morning (Day #264), I found myself walking through the City on my way to an Accessibility conference in Shoreditch. The light catching the sides of the building in this courtyard near Liverpool Street [left] caught my eye, and was only just beaten to Picture of the Day by the wonderful Snail I found on the pavement a few yards further up the road!

I like Sundays in the City, as you can often wander round freely without over-zealous security guards fobbing you off if you have a large camera round your neck. And there’s plenty of time to compose your pictures without unwanted people wandering around getting in the way!

I didn’t do a lot of walking locally during the “summer”, such as it was, but have started to get out and about again a bit more with the approach of autumn. This massive fungus [right] was one I found on the side of a tree in Galleywood. It was quite spectacular.

The month ended as it had begun, with another BarCamp. This time in Richmond at the swanky offices of eBay. I went for a walk as dusk was falling by the Thames and caught this group of boats and ducks [left]  in the warm evening light.