August Review

Another month slips by – where is the time going?

Here are some near misses from Augusts’ 366 project photos:

This marvellous field of poppies was one I spotted near Royston on Day #214 as I drove back from a meeting near Cambridge. The A10 is a busy road, and I just spotted the field of red before being able to stop in a layby to get out of the car and walk back to the field for some photos. The wide shot made it as shot of the day in the end, but I also liked this one of a few blooms, isolated against the greenery.

More flowers followed on Day #217 when I finally managed to photograph the wonderful field of Sunflowers which grow every summer beside the A1060, just west of Chelmsford. I’d been meaning to take them for a few weeks, and the sun came out for me just at the right time. You can pick them and take them home (for a small fee), but I was able to take the photos without having to pay.

On Day #226, my photographic club had a photoshoot organised in the Catholic Cathedral in Brentwood. The lighting wasn’t great, and I was coming down with a cold, so I didn’t stay as long as some people. This shot of votive candles and an altar railing, was one which almost made the cut as Pic of the Day:

The next day, I was in London for a meeting in the afternoon, and a developer event in the evening at the University of Westminster. The shot on the right was taken at the university, showing a nice contrast between old and new buildings in the area.

Coming back from a meeting near Colchester on Day #241, I took a quick detour to Little Braxted for some photos. I was rewarded with the most amazing little church in the village (above left), which is highly decorated with frescos inside. It’s a real gem.