The Making Of… Wipeout

I thought I’d tell you how I managed to create the montage called Wipeout, which made the cut as Day #195‘s image.

I was at the South Bank for my 366 Flickr Group’s meeting. We had spent a pleasant couple of hours at the pub enjoying a pint and watching the world go by, then we took a stroll towards the QEII hall. There’s a section under the concrete walkway which is popular with skateboarders and roller blade fans, and their antics always draw a crowd.

The weekly theme was “motion”, so I decided to switch to motordrive for a sequence of the skateboarders riding a block of concrete. This was what I ended up with:

Having loaded all four images into Photoshop, I copied the last three images as new layers into the first. Then, selecting all 4 layers, I used the Edit -> Auto Align Layers option and Photoshop tweaked them all so that the concrete block and background appeared in the same place in each. Then, it was a case of using Layer Masking for each of the top layers, so as just to show the skater and board from each, while the background remained from the original image.

The main background picture (below) gives us the first skater and most of the background:

The next frame moved the skater and board along a bit, with the rest of the background masked off:

Then frame 3 shows us another view as he’s running off to the right:

Finally, the skater disappears out of the frame.

With all four layers turned on, the final montage is quite effective. All hand-held, with not a tripod in sight!

July Review

I’ve been a bit lax at keeping up with this bit of the blog, but I’m hoping to catch up shortly!

July was a very mixed month, weather wise. It seemed to veer between heavy rain and too hot to move, all within a couple of days! Anyway, here are a selection of “nearly made it” images from the month:

This was from a series of images I took in Mountnessing on Day #187. I had originally gone there to photograph the windmill against a deep blue sky with fluffy white clouds. And when I got there, I found they were gearing up for a cricket match in front of the windmill, so I stayed around for a while and took some action shots too. Not sure who Mountnessing were playing, or who won – but there’s nothing to evoke a sense of an English summer like the sight of cricket on the village green!

Next up was the façade of a lovely Art Deco building I found in Soho on Day #206. I’ve been down the road a few times, but never took the time to look up before. Just shows what you miss if you don’t walk around with your seeing eye in gear!

I had a couple of enjoyable days out during the month. First was in London to meet my 366 Flickr Group mates on the South Bank on Day #195. The weather was quite kind to us, and I was intrigued by this splash of colour by the QEII hall. It’s pretty much as it was out of the camera – the grey clouds just added a sense of drama to the whole scene:

[Watch This Space – South Bank]

The local Horticultural Show took place on Day #201. It’s always a colourful affair, and this year we had a marching band from Brentwood, resplendent in their red tunics, black spikey hats and polished brass.

I also enjoyed a day trip to Norwich with a friend on Day #211, somewhere I haven’t visited for about 20 years!

There’s plenty to see in the Market, new buildings around the Forum and olde worldy streets in the Lanes to explore. All in all, rich pickings for photographers.