June Review

Overall, June wasn’t a bad month for pictures. I did take quite a few at home, exactly half of the month’s photos. But I also managed to get out and about locally as well as a little further afield.

First off, some “near misses” from the month:

[Evening Foxglove was a close contender for Day #162, taken near Ardleigh Reservoir]

[Red Symmetry was taken in the formal gardens at Danbury Park on Day #167]

[Table Shadows was a strong scene found in Docklands on Day #160]

I also enjoyed a trip to look around the gardens at Hylands House. There was a wedding reception going on in the main house, a very grand affair. The main house is a wonderfully restored example of classic Georgian architecture. Plus the sun was out with fluffy clouds scudding about in the sky.

The wedding party was spilling out into the grounds around the house, first for photos out the front, and later enjoying cocktails with jazz on the terrace and lawn behind. All terribly civilised. Heaven knows how much it all cost!

Whilst all that was playing out at the house, I took a good look around the formal gardens. I’ve been to the park before, but not actually looked at the gardens until now.

The formally laid out beds were great for macro shots – and I found these two lovely bees buzzing gently around some of the flowers [right].

I also enjoyed the new display garden which was built to commemmorate the 2007 World Scout Jamboree which was held in the park last summer. It was in this garden’s entrance gazebo that I found my picture of the day for Day #166.

Beside The Seaside

As well as local outings, I managed to get to visit the seaside during June. Firstly, I went to Whitstable on the north Kent coast. I last went a few years ago and it poured with rain. This time around, it was sunny, but there was plenty of wind.

The beach is stony, and there is the odd boat pulled up on the shingle. This one looked rather sad sitting there on its own.

The tides are strong in the area, and so the groynes are substantial and held together with large bolts. You can see there is quite a difference in the level of the shingle from one side to the other.

Despite the harsh conditions, there are still splashes of colour in the front gardens facing the sea. Homeowners have troughs filled with hardy plants which don’t mind the salt atmosphere.

I liked this garden on the sea front. The yellow poppies stood out really well from the grey clapboard of the house. And the plaited rope wound around the railings.

A final walk along the prom and I found a colourful mural on the side of a beach hut:

This is another picture of the kite surfer making use of the free wind power, a slightly different than the one I used for Day #171.

At the end of June I went to visit the newly build beach huts on West Mersea. I had heard they wre worth a look, and wasn’t disappointed by their pastel shades and neat presentation. Here is a selection of those which nearly made it on Day #182.