Making Of: It's All Gone Pear-Shaped

I don’t often do much processing on my images, but sometimes they really do suit a radical treatment. I did a few a while back in Cooking Up Some Interest. Then the other day, I wanted to illustrate my day, which had gone pretty pear-shaped, but the straight shot really wasn’t cutting it:

The pear looked a bit sad and the lines on the chopping board were distracting from the main point of the picture. So I tried fiddling with some filers. I chose Photoshop CS3’s “Cutout” filter from the Filter Gallery. This gave me:

Better, although it still needed a bit of tidying up. So I set to work with the clone brush to rid the background of all the distracting bits, ending up with the final, much more pear-shaped image:

This is the one which appeared as Day #178 on my Photo-a-Day blog.

Two London Walkabouts

I’ve recently found myself on the South Bank a couple of times, both armed with a camera for some good shots.

The first was after the recent @media conference, when I had the pleasure of spending some time with some of the other delegates and a couple of the speakers on the Friday evening. We enjoyed some noodles by the water, and then wandered about round Hungerford Bridge for a while as the dusk settled and the lights came on along the Thames.

[Right – Westminster Illuminations – as the light fades, the shape of the Palace of Westminster is outlined by spotlights]

I managed some other good shots along the river bank – and it was a warm, balmy evening. A great pleasure to be out and about enjoying the sights.

A week or so later, and I was back again, this time after a rather nice lunch with friends in Borough Market. Having had a generous three courses, I felt I needed a walk! So I meandered from London Bridge along to Southwark for a few more shots. The riverbank was very busy with folks out on a Sunday stroll, and the water was busy with boats of all shapes and sizes.

[Left, you can see one of the speedboats zipping about on the water near St. Paul’s Cathedral]

I took the Jubilee Line to Canary Wharf for a look around on the way back. I haven’t been there for photography for a good while, and was surprised to see how it has changed in a couple of years.

The Jubilee Line station is quite interesting in itself – I love the canopy over the escalator hall, and with the right lighting, it makes an excellent silhouette image [right].

Making my way over to West India Quay, I noticed some attractive boats moored by the dockside. Together with the old cranes, they contrasted well with the modern glass and steel architecture of the new buildings surrounding them [left].

May Review

You have already seen some of my shots from Sardinia, where I spent a lovely week at the beginning of May. There were so many images to see on the island, it was hard to choose just one image each day for my Picture of the Day. So here are some near misses…

[Waving Ears – attractive low evening lighting helped to lift this scene on Day #128]

[Chiaramonti, altitude 430m, a strong contender for Day #129]

Having come home, I was just about in time to catch some bluebells in a local wood. Many of the flowers had past their best already, but I did manage to find enough for a carpet of them as a wider shot of the woodland.

[Bluebell Clump, in Swan Wood nearly made it on Day #131]

How has the month gone?

Well, aside from my holiday where I took rather a lot of images, I had a bit of a fallow period in the middle of the month – mainly due to the terrible weather we had for a few days. The I had another dip at the end of the month. Still, we all have ups and downs. A definite up came on Day #144 when I won my camera club’s Mono Print Of The Year award for a black and white version of Day #71‘s picture. So I was rather pleased by that!