Exploring Colour

As you know, for the end of March and beginning of April, I have been setting myself some daily tasks of photographing various single-coloured objects as part of my Project 366 work. It’s a little difficult to see the body of work together, so I have made this montage from the flickr thumbnails of each image:

[Rainbow Montage of all the Exploring colour shots I’ve uploaded to Flickr]

It makes quite an interesting set, don’t you think?

March Review

March seemed to fly by. We had variable weather – some days were a complete washout, but others gave us a bit of sun; then we had snow on Easter Sunday! Early in the month, I inviested in a new lens, which I’ve been using whenever possible since. I’m pleased with the resutls so far. And mid-month, I had the pleasure of meeting two of my 366-buddies when I visited Sussex for a conference. Great to put faces to the names, just a pity the weather wasn’t better for us!

I’ll kick off with some “near misses” that almost made it as shot of the day during March:

[Reflected Reality – the reflection is rather more pleasing than the 1960’s concrete monstrosity is in real life. This nearly made it for Day #65]

[Overhanging – Loved the shadow of these trees on the field, and the added bonus with blue skies and fluffy clouds. I found this view during my walk around Greensted on Day #63]

[All Triangles was a nice architectural detail I found whilst wandering round Thaxted on Day #71]

Weekly Themes

As well as the informal weekly themes the 366 Flickr group has been setting (which are entirely optional), I’ve been pursuing my own mini theme starting at the end of the month, and exploring single-colour pictures made at home with a bit of creative table top photography. I’ve been enjoying the challenge. Here are the close-seconds from each day of Red, Orange, Yellow and Green (the other colours continue into April):

[Endless String – a piece of cord, just how it fell, taken on Day #88]

[Gerbera & Shadow – I liked this imperfect specimen and its shadow on Day #89]

[Regimented – a play with some map pins and a desk lamp on Day #90]

[Cola With A Twist Of Lime – light and shade on a plastic glass, during Day #91]

How has the month gone?

I seem to have been very prolific in March, taking many more images than during February. And my little colour challenges have been making me get creative with bits and pieces found around the house, always a good fall back for days when you don’t have a lot of time to go out and find pictures – stay home and make some instead.

I hope you are still enjoying my journey, and hope you will stay to see what April brings.