Composition #4 – Framing Elements

There are two aspects to framing your pictures:

  • Make sure unwanted things don’t cut into the side of your photos – always look around the viewfinder (or LCD screen) to check
  • Pictures can be enhanced by carefully framing the view – eg. with tree brances


[Le Chat Qui Pêche – the foreground path and overhanging trees frame the scene top and bottom, and the leaves cover up some boring sky]

[Ingatestone Hall – the horizon is placed high up, while the tree and its shadow appear to wrap around the building]

[The Castle Keep – I moved into a position where the archway framed the buildings beyond and the sunlight reflected from a window appeared behind the lamp fitting]

[Scrum Between The Posts – a scrum at the other end of the field, framed through the posts, provided a shot which showed more context to the situation]

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