Subdued Or Single-Colour Images

Selecting subjects with subdued colours, or all from one end of the spectrum, can evoke a particular mood.

It can be particularly effective in showing shapes and textures


[Smokey Shed – this is actually a colour image, showing the merest hint of grey/green in the shafts of light and pale pink and blue in the skylights]

[The Rusty Cog – a combination of browns and oranges show this scene in a very limited colour palette. The differentiation between foreground and background is largely through focus]

[Autumn Vines – the vines show leaves of green and pale yellow, with a bit of brown at their feet. Notice also the strong lead-in lines and “stop” (the darker green fir tree) at the back]

[Question Mark – just a few shades of cream and brown give a calm atmosphere and clean lines]

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