Morning After The Night Before

I found myself in Brighton for a conference yesterday, and stayed overnight afterwards, so planned to stay in the town until late Saturday afternoon, as I’d agreed to meet up with a friend who was there taking photos of the National Speed Trials down on Madeira Drive. He covers all sorts of classic car, racing and rallying events (you can see some of his pictures at Eric Richardson Photography).

We met up in the Pits, which were open for the public to wander round. Nice to see the old machines and get closeups of them being polished, etc.

Here’s a picture of one of the nice Morgans on display.

I went and found a pitch on the public viewing gallery for the rest ofmy pictures, but Eric had a press pass for the race start line, so I’msure he got some dramatic shots of old classics burning rubber on the start line.

I’d never been to the trials before, but found they were very enjoyable – I even got a little sunburned! Nothing too serious though.

Here are a couple more images I took that day:

[the queue for the pits after a timed run]

[#74 goes for a run; it’s a Morgan 4/4]

You can see more pictures from the event.