RPS Distinctions

You may have seen the letters ARPS after my name and wonder what this is all about…

The Royal Photographic Society (RPS) awards three levels of Distinctions to photographers in recognition of achieving certain standards. They are Licentiate, Associate and Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, LRPS, ARPS and FRPS respectively. An Honorary FRPS may be awarded for services to photography, given at Council’s discretion.

To gain the LRPS, members must present a panel of ten photographs, either print or slide, but not mixed. The ARPS and FRPS are awarded for 15 or 20 prints to a panel, and are categorised into subdivisions such as Visual Art: Pictorial, Applied Photography, Contemporary Photography and Photojournalism. Each Panel is assessed by a group of six FRPSs, some of whom will have a particular interest in the category submitted (for ARPS and FRPS), and they decide if the candidate has reached the required standard for the Distinction.


The Licentiateship (LRPS) is awarded either for competence in practical photography, or by passing an appropriate examination in photography recognised by The Society. See my LRPS panel of 10 images.


The Associateship (ARPS) is awarded for a high standard of technical competence and individual creative ability. See my ARPS panel of 15 images.


The Fellowship (FRPS) is awarded for exceptional standards of excellence and distinguished ability in a specialist field.

Photography by Caroline Mockett ARPS